Disclaimer: This Creepypasta is not real, and not because of the “Oh, it’s a Creepypasta so it’s not real” thing. I don’t like hacking,(I don’t know how to do it.) So, it’s all fiction. It won’t have gameplay but it does have pictures. Enjoy!

Pokémon dead ruby part 1/2

So, Pokémon X and Y are out(they were out in 2013)YAY!I am a big Pokémon fan but sadly I didn’t have enough money at the time(I have Pokémon X now.) Disappointed, I went to a Friend’s house and asked if he had any old gaming consoles. He said he had a Game Boy Advance. He said it quickly, as if he didn’t want me to hear it. He also gave me a free game with it, the game was Pokémon Ruby version. I thought ”score! ”Now I know how stupid I was. I asked how much money I should give him for the game and the Gameboy. He responded “Take it, take it and leave.” He also provided me with a small box of his collection of games, but they all looked different than I remember.

I left his house thinking “What the Heck is his problem?” So I got back to my dorm, (I’m in my final week of college.) turned the console on, and got ready to play games I hadn’t played since I was 9 years old. It looked much better than I remembered but the game didn’t load until an hour after turning it on. “That was odd” I thought, “but it was old, so it would probably take a while to load.” When the game loaded I went past the iconic Pokémon and Gamefreak logos. Then, I was in Littleroot town in my room. I proceeded to go downstairs, but I saw no one there.

“Ok, that’s not normal.” I said aloud. I decided to leave the house, but there was no one outside either. I went to the lab to see Professer Oak standing there but as a ghost. He had a hologram kind of look to him and didn’t have legs. I talked to him he said “Take this jerk” the game reported “Jerk received death note.” “Read note?” with Yes and No. No wasn’t an option because whenever it was pressed a creepy sound effect played. After that experience I pressed yes and the game then said “Dear Jerk,

Thanks for what you did backstabber. Why did you have to do it? WHY!?

Thanks for killing my Raticate, dream killer (*sob*)



Ok, that’s definitely NOT normal.

Then screen went black saying “After that, “Jerk” grew up, then, many years later…” I was in Littleroot town still no one but my sprite was the old man’s one. I walked into my house to see it was just a black void.

But I was now in a Pokémon battle with, surprise surprise, the ghost Pokémon. But, 5 seconds into the battle, it fainted. Then the screen went black saying “Later…”.Then I was teleported to Lavender Town(Pokémon Green one.)There was nobody, except all 16 Gym leaders from Pokémon Gold and Silver. I talked to all of them but a text bubble(like a comic book one.)

With that picture of Professer Oak again. The game froze after talking to all of them. Scared, and with homework to do, I put the game down for the day.

Pokémon dead ruby part 2/2

So I’m going to investigate this Creepy game. First I’m going to look for the Nintendo seal of quality.(also, the color has changed so it’s not see through. Creepy! ) THERE WAS NONE! So I played the game again, it did the exact same thing. But it didn’t freeze. Instead,

It said it was dying, then said it was dead. The battery went dead. Tomorrow morning, it was gone. But my box of games that he also gave me said on it in my friend’s handwriting “Congratulations. These game’s are all cursed. Idiot.” So the end I guess? But, as I’m writing the end of what happened, I have the ominous feeling that someone is out there, watching me. And whoever it is, they’re not very friendly…

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